5 Things That Make a Good Stoner Movie

Film has long since been a large part of urban life as Hollywood and even Bollywood paves the way for cinematic success. As of recent, a new genre called Stoner Films has been garnering much attention as cannabis becomes increasingly decriminalized. This genre has been popularized by well known movie stars and celebrities such as Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Snoop Dog, etc. through the portrayal of pot consumption in their films and videos. However, a Stoner Movie does not always need to portray or even support the use of weed. In fact, a large array of films can make it onto the Stoner’s Movies list by simply having a better appeal when watched high. This blog post has broken down what makes a good stoner movie into five categories.

1. Comedy

There is a point where jokes are taken too far and become offensive, old or just plain stupid but marijuana impaired thinking makes pure idiocy humorous. Even those who do not have said sense of humor will be entertained throughout their high. Take Sausage Party for example, grocery store items come to life and fuck each other’s brains out. The protagonist is a sausage who has a vagina shaped bun as a girlfriend. It’s so stupid that it’s funny. Uncontrollable laughter is one of the side effects of marijuana that will often land comedy movies in the stoner’s movie list. However, weed generally induces laughter making comedy films a cheap way to appeal to stoned moviegoers.

2. Immersive

Ever try doing something while watching a movie? – It doesn’t work well. The viewer needs to be fully focused to truly enjoy the film. Watching movies while stoned immerses the viewer into a movie so much that the viewer feels as though he or she is living in the film. Hence, making interactive films so mind blowing to watch when high. For instance, Jurassic World takes the viewer on a journey through a prehistoric theme park where dinosaurs ruled Earth. The entire film, from beginning to end feels like a real-life theme park ride making the film perfect for watching while high of cannabis.
Another immersive film example is Love and Mercy. It is a biopic about the leader of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson. Brian is partially deaf and viewers get to hear what he hears through the overwhelming theatre speakers which drowns you into the movie. For brief moments throughout the film, the viewer gets to feel what it’s like to be partially deaf.

3. Spectacular Views

Galleries and museums are not for everyone, either you get it or you don’t. But having a small dab of marijuana certainly helps to mesmerize you into the artwork. You get lost in thought while imaging the most creative stories based on what you see. It is obvious that being stoned increases one’s appreciation for art. Similarly, films nominated for best pictures are usually worthy as a stoner movie since they are just as mesmerizing as any piece of artwork. Take Interstellar for example. The space ship takes the crew to unimaginable planets, each with scenery that can’t be found on Earth such as coming face to face with waves that cover the entire horizon or passing by a giant blackhole that causes time dilation.

4. Thought Provoking

Some highs introduce a dose of philosophy into our brains, turning some stoners into an annoying philosophical junkie who believes he or she has found enlightenment. Stoners think they have a higher understanding in almost everything but most likely the reality is, whatever their mind is fixated on only makes sense in their stoned state. It is this philosophical side of a stoner that makes thought provoking movies so mind blowing to watch. These movies are often sci-fi and films that introduce new concepts, rules and ideas into the viewer’s mind. The weed allows the viewers to sit in awe as their jaw drops to eat all the bull shit that the film feeds them. They accept the things they are given and do not think twice about the feasibility of the plot. Once the viewer accepts the film for what it is, it only gets better. After all, that’s what fiction is all about.

A Dystopian movie such as The Lobster is a good example of a thought provoking movie. In the film’s society, it is illegal to be single for more than two weeks. Failing to find a significant other in that time frame will result in one’s transformation to an animal of their choice. This concept creates a social stigma around being single. When watched high, the viewer can easily attribute the protagonist’s personality, actions and his awkward dialogue to how they were brought up rather than thinking how weird the movie is.
Is Interstellar’s depiction of time dilation, wormholes and the fifth dimension feasible? – It doesn’t matter. When you’re high, you don’t question it.

5. Psychological Thrillers
Psychological Thrillers are always good when watched high. These movies always come with unexpected twists that give those ‘what the fuck moments to the viewer. Take Get Out for example, it is a psychological horror thriller that will make you laugh at the horrors of white dominance and creepy black people. You know when a horror scene is coming but the thrill and suspense keeps you interested in finding out what happens next. The bizarre outcome is always humorous but is in no way stupid. It is suspenseful, humorous, scary and thrilling; these elements make an amazing high movie.

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