Alien Covenant (2017)

Alien is a space thriller and perhaps one of the most thrilling space movies I have seen. The movie begins with a huge dilemma that is easily understood when high. – When the crew discovers a nearby habitable planet, we the viewers known it is too good to be true. But not wanting to go back into the hyper sleep pods for another seven years was reason enough to convince me that they made the right decision. From a lay person’s point of view, I would have made the same decision, though the original captain might not have. Watching this high made me think everything was perfect.

Part 2 of the Alien franchise, Alien Covenant takes place 2104 or 10 years after Prometheus. There are over 3000 people onboard Covenant, including 10 crew members, 2000 colonists and 1000 human embryos on their mission to Origae-6.

A neutrino blast caused spaceship Covenant to malfunction. To fix the problem, Walter, the artificial robot wakes all crew members. During their wakeup, the captain’s hyper sleep pod malfunctions and kills him, leaving Oram to takeover as acting captain. After a quick repair, the crew receives a daunting rouge transmission that was later found to be from a nearby habitable planet that is even better than Origae-6. With seven years remaining on their original trip to Origae-6, the two-week journey to this newly discovered planet is tempting. Against all odds, Oram makes the final decision to change course and makes a remark about how no one wants to return to their hyper sleep pods.