Arrival (2016)

Arrival is a thought provoking movie that taught me something I never thought about before. Particularly, when Dr. Louise Banks played by Amy Adams said, “the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. It’s the theory that the language you speak determines how you think” – Often we hear that the way we are nurtured determine who we become but never did I consider language to be a part of our nourishment, until I watched Arrival. This gives a simple explanation to cultural differences in countries that speak different languages. Furthermore, the language you speak and the amount of weed you smoke may influence your liking of this film and the

Twelve alien spaceships had arrived and are idling on twelve different countries, giving way for twelve linguists from around the world to decipher their demands. The film follows Louise Banks who is one of twelve linguists tasked with deciphering the alien language. As she becomes proficient, she begins to see things differently as if her research and practice of the language is changing how she thinks. Ultimately affecting her work and reliability among her peers.

Reasons to watch high: The thought of finding extraterrestrial life has intrigued humans for centuries but the idea of ET life finding us is mind blowing. The most intriguing part is finding out what they want, whether they are hostile or friendly. In Arrival, Louise Banks spend months working between her lab and the alien spaceship to study their language. From a lay-person’s point of view, seeing the strategies she uses to learn a foreign language, especially an alien language is simply fascinating while high.