Baywatch (2017)

Baywatch just released in theatres and does not seem that good according to reviews. With a mere 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, most viewers will turn away from watching this movie. However, when watched high, Baywatch becomes a marvelous comedy that will keep stoners laughing from start to end. Its type of comedy is just perfect for watching high, especially with the slow-motion captures, exaggerated action and hilarious characters. Baywatch may have gotten bad reviews but it easily makes it onto the stoners movie list. Plus, going to a beach high is quite fun.

Mitch and his team of lifeguards have successfully made over 500 rescues on their beach but reduced city funding has lead Mitch’s superior to hire Matt Brody, a two-time Olympic gold medalist as a lifeguard trainee as a PR strategy to promote their beach. Soon after the recruitment of three trainees, Mitch discovers washed up drugs and assumes that it is their role to protect beach goers from the substance. There begins their mission to uncover the secrets of Baywatch’s drug ring.