Get Out (2017)

With a whopping 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, there is no doubt that Get Out is one of the best psychological horror films of all time. It leaves you wanting to watch it again rather than shitting your pants for the next couple days. There is no cheap scary background music rather it has sound effects that fit well with each scene giving you almost no time to react as your body jolts with fear and excitement. With its amazing use of sound effects, CGI and plot twists, Get Out has made its way to the stoner’s movie list.

Starring Daniel Katuuya as Chris (Boyfriend) and Allison Williams and Rose (Girlfriend) .

The film begins with Rose inviting her black boyfriend, Chris, to a weekend family get together at her family’s massive estate away from the city. Although Chris was slightly paranoid that her family might not be fond of their interracial relationship, he was convinced to attend anyways. Upon arrival, he starts to feel out of place and awkward as he learns that the housemaid and groundskeeper are both black. To make things worse, it turns out that that weekend, Rose’s parents were having guests over for a large yearly party. To his surprise, all guests were upper class white folks who portrayed a subtle sense of white dominance when speaking to him. When Rose learns about Chris’s feelings toward the party, she attempts leave with him. But unlucky for him, getting out was never an option.

Reasons to watch high:
Get Out is a psychological horror thriller that will make you laugh at the horrors of white dominance and creepy black people. You know when a horror scene is coming but the thrill and suspense keeps you interested in finding out what happens next. The bizarre outcome is always humorous but is in no way stupid. It is suspenseful, humorous, scary and thrilling; these elements make Get Out an amazing movie to watch while high.
Even if you are not a fan of horror, you will find Get Out very enjoyable to watch.