Ghost in The Shell (2017)

What makes us who we are? – It is commonly believed that our memories and experiences give us individuality by influencing our behavior and the way we think. Since our memories and experiences are stored in the brain, it is likely that our brain is the most important organ in defining who we are. In Major’s case, her brain is her only biological organ so she holds great value in the little bit of memories that she has.

Starring Scarlett Johansson as Major

In the Ghost in The Shell universe, humanity has adapted into a society where ‘cybernetic enhancement’ is commonly practiced at an expensive price tag. Humans can undergo enhancements where limbs can be replaced by superior mechanical tools, such as swapping your eyes with mechanical lenses.

The film centers around Major, a cyborg-human hybrid and the first of her kind – A human brain inside a fully mechanical body. Although she is human, she feels as though everyone around her is connected to something that she’s not. This may be the result of her lack of memories due to a previous ‘accident’. The only vivid memory she has is the murder of her parents which fuels her ambition for revenge and to succeed in her line of work. However, things take a turn when Major learns that the memories and experiences that defined her were engineered.

Reasons to watch high: First of all, Scarlett Johanson is hot as fuck and her skin tight suit really shows off her stunning body.

I am very innovative when I’m stoned so seeing how technology can be used in the future trips me out. Imagine all the things you could do if you had telepathy and photographic memory. At the least, you could talk to your buddies amidst a sales pitch and share mental images. The film does a great job portraying the features of cybernetic enhancements and shows the real-life value we could get. If this film was a commercial or a promotional video for cybernetic enhancements, I’d be sold.

Lastly, the film takes place in Hong Kong with many shots of laneways and alleys and was largely inspired by the infamous Kowloon Walled City which gives the film a dark and mysterious theme that plays well with the plot and your high.


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