Guardians of the Galaxy II (2017)

Guardians of The Galaxy is one of my favourite Marvel movies and a hilarious film to watch while high. It has a perfect balance between action, visuals and story. The diverse character backgrounds make a unique comical team of superheroes. Quill keeps the team together though he is not so bright, Gamora is the brains and Groot provides comic relief with his cute baby form. Rocket and Drax are both fearless but does the dumbest shit that gets the team into all sorts of trouble. Then there is Nebula who is always serious and somewhat evil. There is never a dull moment, especially with Quill’s soundtrack playing at all the right scenes. Yondu’s fights are especially amazing to watch when stoned.

The guardians angered Ayesha, the leader of the Sovereign Race after Rocket stole a couple batteries that they were hired to protect. The group acknowledges her threat and immediately begins their escape but the Sovereign Race’s drones were too fast forcing them to crash land onto a nearby planet. Just before landing, they were aided by a single spaceship that whipped out Ayesha’s entire drone army. The pilot reveals himself as Ego, Quill’s father and then proceeds to explain their lineage and purpose.