Interstellar (2014)

Starring Matthew McConaugheyI as Cooper

In the Interstellar universe, Earth nears the end of its habitable-zone lifetime, making interstellar space travel the only way to prolong human survival. The movie revolves around the challenges faced by the crew of Spaceship Endurance, as they come face to face with a wormhole, blackhole and but not limited hostile planets.

Ten years prior to the start of the film, NASA had launched the Lazarus Mission involving twelve one way trips each carrying one volunteer through a wormhole near Saturn to find habitable planets on the other side.

With three potential habitable planets discovered on mission Lazarus, Professor Brand and his team formulate two plans for mission Endurance. Plan A – Mass migration of humans and Plan B – Relocation of 5000 frozen embryos to habitable planets.

Cooper was asked to pilot the Endurance spaceship alongside four crewmates to carryout Plan B and assess the feasibility of Plan A. He selflessly accepts the mission with hope of returning as soon as possible.

Reasons to watch high: A problem with scientific films is that viewers often question the logic and science behind the plot but when you’re stoned, that stuff doesn’t matter. You’re open to new concepts and accept evidence as they are provided, making Interstellar seem much more plausible and realistic.

Not only are you convinced of the science behind it, Interstellar blows your mind with their amazing visual effects that has even won an academy award. Their visuals of a blackhole will stay with me forever. It’s also a very emotional film that had me crying with my mouth wide open.

If you seek visual extremes when high, then Interstellar is for you.