Jurassic World (2015)

Remember the excitement you had when you visited a theme park for the first time as a kid? There was a whole new world that was worth exploring. Kind of like what traveling feels like now but better. You get to observe prehistoric life on Earth from the safety of your seat. And if that isn’t fun enough, just wait until the Dominus Rex finds you because then you’d be scared shit-less. With it’s prehistoric theme and thrilling plot, weed turns Jurassic World into a real life exhilarating roller-coaster ride. And one things for certain, I’d be excited as fuck to visit Jurassic World.

There is no thinking required in this movie. You just sit through the ride and observe.

Ty Simpkins – Gray
Nick Robinson – Zach
Chris Pratt – Owen
Bryce Dallas Howard – Claire

Nick is forced to take his little brother Gray to Jurassic World – A theme park based off prehistoric life and dinosaurs ran by their aunt Claire. At first, Nick was uninterested in the trip but once he had arrived and saw a living dinosaur for the first time, his attitude flipped upside down. His excitement for adventure lead him and his brother into an area that was off limits. To make things worse, the park’s newest invention and most powerful dinosaur, the Dominus Rex just escaped captivity and is killing everything in sight. However, Owen and their Aunt Claire are out looking for them too.