Kid Cannabis (2014)

I buy weed, then I smoke it. I don’t ever question where it came from or how it was grown. I don’t even care what kind of strain it is. All I know is that it gets me high. Chances are, I’ve probably smoked weed that was trafficked without even knowing it. Did I care? No. But after watching Kid Cannabis, if I found out the weed I was about to buy was trafficked from another country or state, I probably wouldn’t buy it.

The film depicts a dark side of the weed industry where people get jailtime for trafficking weed, sometimes even life sentences and at the worse, people die so that I can enjoy weed. Watching this movie high makes it very suspenseful, especially during the trafficking scenes.

Eighteen-year-old Nate is an obese and withdrawn social outcast who dropped out of high-school to be a pizza delivery boy. After one degrading delivery, he gets home and lies on his bed, grievously flipping through his High Times magazine. He lands on a page that gives him a get rich quick idea which entailed trafficking weed from Canada. He convinces his best bud Topher to partake in his plan. The duo works together and successfully starts their illegal multimillion dollar cannabis business, changing their lives forever. However, Nate’s greed for money completely changes his personality which ultimately leads to his arrest.