Life (2017)

When I’m already stoned and looking for something amusing to watch, my safe bet is always a space documentary on Youtube, because space is just so fascinating and beautiful yet so unfamiliar. Why is it so fascinating? – IMO, when Earth comes to its inevitable end, space would be the only place humans could go; if possible, humans could potentially survive until the end of time. Our survival instincts will naturally bring us to want to understand more about space. Life (2017) is all about survival.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, Ariyon Bakare, Hiroyuki Sanada, Jake Gyllenhaal and Olga Dihovichnaya

A team of six astronauts were on a mission to catch a probe carrying a soil sample from Mars. Upon catching that probe and examining the sample, a dormant single cell organism was discovered. The team revived the organism by exposing it to earth-like atmospheric conditions. Days later, the organism grew rapidly and turned hostile.

Reasons to watch high: The film starts with a tour of the spaceship in first person which makes me feel like I am in a theme park ride. If there were a 3D or AVX version of the film, I would watch the movie again. It is also jam packed with suspense that was further enhanced by my weed, making every scene a ‘HOLY SHIT’ moment.

Life is somewhat like a rollercoaster ride when high.