Sausage Party (2016)

Ever wonder how your food felt before you picked it out? Well sausage party dives into the secret life of grocery products where they party and socialize while waiting for the day they get chosen for the Great Beyond. The film follows Frank who is one of the lucky sausages to be chosen by a human. However, once he arrived to the human’s home, he quickly learned the truth about the Great Beyond as he watched in fear, his brothers and sisters sliced to pieces and then devoured by humans for their enjoyment. Lucky for him, he escaped and returned to the grocery store ASAP to warn his brethren about the hell that awaits.

Reasons to watch high
This movie gives sausage party a whole new meaning. It is a one of a kind movie that provides fictional adventure on our grocery chores. Seeing how our groceries react to their demise is certainly entertaining. With spot-on reactions and dialogue from the creators, the character’s torment turn into one of the funniest things to watch. The film uses a lot of stupid jokes and dirty puns that are especially funny when attributed to everyday grocery items. Sausage Party will have you laughing from beginning to end when watched while high. Plus, Seth Rogen films are always good stoner movies.