Split (2017)

Despite waves of negative reviews criticizing the film for its inaccurate representation of dissociative identity disorder (DID), Split was still a great movie that without a doubt makes an awesome stoner film. Much of the film’s success as a stoner movie comes from McAvoy’s award winning portrayal of his character’s multiple personalities. He single-handedly played the roles of the antagonist and protagonist through capturing three teenage girls then helping them escape. With the influence of the magical herb, viewers are constantly wondering what McAvoy’s character is going to do next and second guessing which personality is good and which is evil. Most of all, the suspense of which personality will come to light next is enough to keep stoners on the edge of their seat throughout the movie.

Kevin Wendell Crumb played by James McAvoy has twenty-three distinct personalities, each having an identity of their own. His most dominant identity, known as Barry, is the leader who controls and protects the pact. However, two personalities known as Dennis and Patricia do not like Barry and can takeover whenever they want. The film starts with Dennis kidnapping three teenage girls to use them as sacrifices to conjure up a twenty-forth personality.