The Gift (2015)

Simon and his wife Robyn moves to his hometown, Los Angeles, after he had landed a new job there. While out shopping, Simon was greeted by Gordo, an old high school classmate who he did not recognize at first. After the couple take down Gordo’s number, they take off and Simon mentions that he doesn’t really know the guy. For next few days, they receive gifts and letters from Gordo followed by an announced drop in. Robyn kindly invites him to stay for dinner. While Simon starts to show signs of discomfort, Robyn thinks Gordo is a very nice guy who wants to be friends. The pair continues to receive gifts from Gordo that start to get a little bit creepy. Though Robyn wants them to be friends, Simon attempts multiple times to cut off all ties with Gordo. It later turns out that Gordo and Simon did not get along back in high school but he keeps Robyn in the dark. After doing some digging, Robyn starts unravelling the horrifying secret between Gordo and Simon.

The Gift is a psychological thriller that explores the meaning behind a phrase from one of Gordo’s letters, “I really was willing to let bygones be bygones”. The film toggles between Simon and Robyn’s perspective on Gordo. It first follows Simons who basically starts a new life in a new town with a new job until he is haunted by someone from his past. It takes a turn when we discover the shocking details of Simon’s past through Robyn’s perspective. The mysteries of their past and the change of protagonists or perspectives throughout the movie makes it very trippy to watch when high. The viewer is constantly trying to figure out who the bad guy is.