The Martian (2015)

Starring Matt Damon and Mark

An unexpected storm on Mars forced a team of astronauts to abort their mission and immediately takeoff for a return journey to Earth, leaving Mark Watney behind as he was assumed to be dead after being struck by debris on their way to the ship right before takeoff.

After the storm passes, Mark awakes to only discover that his crew had left. With no one to help him, Mark’s survival instinct kicks in. Utilizing remaining supplies, Mark attempts to build a sustainable environment and establish communication with Earth.

Reasons to watch high: One thing I really like about space movies is that they’re always about survival, something that we can all relate to especially when we’re high. Matt Damon does an exceptional job at portraying the human survival instinct in this film. Even through the loneliness, his character never gave up and continually adapted to the harsh environment of planet Mars by tackling each new challenge with intuition and basic survival skills such as farming and creating a form of communication. His innovation and desire to keep living keeps viewers eager to see what he does.

There is no movie quite like The Martian. Although we see familiar human survival tactics being used such as growing food, it is practiced in an unfamiliar environment leaving viewers to question whether it will work. Mark’s intuition to figure things out is incredible and we all know that figuring out how to do things while high is damn hard. The Martian is my favourite movie to watch high.