The Maze Runner (2014)

Warning: This movie is only likable while high. The acting, dialogue, cliches and decision-making behind these annoying characters are atrocious but when you’re high, it is easier to disregard those things and focus on the entertainment.

Like I said in some of my previous posts, dystopian movies are amazing to watch while high because they introduce new social concepts into the film. In the case of ‘The Maze Runner, leadership and societal roles have been established by some of the earlier members to maintain order and control that allows for everyone to coexists and work together. Success of this governing model is most likely attributed to each person’s fear of their unpredictable world forcing them to depend on the knowledge that was passed down.

Thomas awakes in ‘The Maze’ without memories and is largely kept in the dark about the functions of his new world making him feel the need to explore the outer walls. His curious personality eventually gets him into danger where he spends a night on the other side of the wall and miraculously survives the night with maze runner Minho and even manages to kill a Reaver which no one has done before. His heroic feat. gets him recognized within the group and he even becomes a maze runner himself. However, noted by Gally who is the Alpha of the group, that ever since Thomas had arrived, things had begun to change for the worse. With their world changing, they begin to lose direction and their governing body starts to fall apart.

Reasons to watch high
It’s like being in a video game where you’re playing as the main character, Thomas. The goal of the game is to escape the maze which sounds like a typical video game. Except in this game, Thomas is in control and there are monsters lurking within the escape route which feels like a real-life version of Temple Run. With the maze constantly changing and characters barely escaping, you’re left with shit load of suspense as you explore the unknown parts of the maze. Weed turns this movie into a thrilling video game.